Thoughts on Enterprise Risk Management

The reputation of your school or business is the most valuable asset you have: protect it.
And when considering risk, your employees are the best resource to identify specific risks.
The risk assessment process is the first phase – and the most vital phase in the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) process. It is vital to hear from as many voices as possible in the risk assessment phase.

ERM is far more than crisis management, or simply insuring against loss. ERM examines everything in your organization in an effort to identify what risks you face.

By closely examining your environment for risk, you may be surprised what is uncovered.

Why create an ERM framework for your business or school?

  • To help your business or school remain a viable option
  • To get ahead of potential issues, resolve them prior to coming to fruition
  • Improve your risk IQ
  • To stay off the front page of the newspapers, or before the scroll on a news website
  • To help everyone sleep just a little better at night

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