Risk is a Shared Responsibility

Be proactive. Identify risks and mitigate them successfully before…before they come to fruition and cause your school pain.

There is nothing magic about an Enterprise Risk Management framework and there is nothing painful about the process. What it takes is an eagerness to identify risks with an open mind and a willingness to set mitigation efforts in motion.

The philosophical approach I use throughout the ERM process is simple: ERM helps keep your school off the front page of the newspaper. And lately there are far too many front-page stories:

Boston Globe – Abuse alleged in 2004 at St. George’s

Boston Globe – Ex-teacher barred from prestigious N.H. school

Vanity Fair – A Brief History of Boarding-School Scandals

Would an ERM framework prevent these horrible circumstances? Maybe. However, what ERM provides is a greater awareness of risk. ERM also reinforces the notion that identifying and mitigating risk is a shared obligation, not just the responsibility of your risk officer, or senior staff.

Banyan Risk Management Consulting can help you begin an ERM conversation at your school or organization.  Everyone is a stakeholder, everyone is in this together.